±314.16 Acres - Le Grand Almond Orchard (Le Grand, CA)

A total of 202.70 acres of almond orchards and 111.46 acres dedicated to irrigated cropland, farmstead, farm roads, well sites and filtration sites.



±284.25 Acres - Joe Green Ranch (Courtland, CA)

Organic and conventional pear orchards.



±251.63 Acres - Mendonca Dairy Property (Crows Landing, CA)

Devoted to Irrigated Cropland and Riparian Land with Dairy Facility and Residential Improvements



±128.10 Acres - Ott Road (French Camp, CA)

Irrigated Cropland, Two Deep Wells



±396.00 Acres - Mathews Property (Le Grand, CA)

Cropland & Native Pasture



±113.91 Acres -Smith Property (Farmington, CA)

Irrigated cropland / Orchard Development Land



±30.40 Acres - NG, ET AL Property

Historically devoted to irrigated cropland. The immediate market area is comprised of irrigated cropland, with some permanent plantings, including nut crops, tree fruit and vineyards.