±251.63 Acres - Mendonca Dairy Property (Crows Landing, CA)

Devoted to Irrigated Cropland and Riparian Land with Dairy Facility and Residential Improvements



±268.20 Acres - Souza Farms Partnership River Ranch

Acreage devoted to the production of irrigated field-row crops. Located approximately 6 miles southwest of Turlock, at the northeast corner of Hogin Road and August Avenue, in Stanislaus County.



±98.71 Acres - Alfieri Property (Ripon, CA)




±396.00 Acres - Mathews Property (Le Grand, CA)

Cropland & Native Pasture



±134.60 Acres - Ingomar Grade Property (Los Banos, CA)

Land typically devoted to the production of alfalfa and field crops. Acreage includes farm roads and field borders. CCID supplies all irrigation water. Land irrigates in a northerly & southerly direction from the center line concrete ditch.



±144.10 Acres - Lane Property (Clements, CA)

Irrigated and Dry Pasture Land



±30.40 Acres - NG, ET AL Property

Historically devoted to irrigated cropland. The immediate market area is comprised of irrigated cropland, with some permanent plantings, including nut crops, tree fruit and vineyards.